We’re happy to have car2go as Hackathon Stuttgart Patron sponsor! As part of  this sponsorship car2go will provide access to their API and some sample usage data for the Hackathon! We asked them to give our participants some more information on that upfront:

How about having more than 13.000 cars at your disposal?

car2go is the largest car sharing service on the planet being accessible 24h a day in more than 30 cities in 8 countries in Europe and North America with over 13.000 cars. Pretty soon car2go will be also available in one of the biggest cities in the world: Chongqing in China.

So how about having those cars available at your disposoal? For the the Hackathon we are providing you access to our API and some sample usage data to allow you to do some really cool stuff.

What about concepting a new service around car2go or a community feature based on the sharing use case? It’s up to you.


As part of the Hackathon we will give you access to our API that we use internally in our own app and that is used by many 3rd party apps worldwide. For simplicity reason you are not able to access the full API for like even opening the cars realtime, but the basic API gives you already access to all the car positions, their status and you can already reserve cars for later use.

If you know how to work with REST APIs and the widely used OAuth as a authentication scheme, you are already well prepared to start using the car2go API. On our website you can find a lot of useful information on the API and how to use it today. Just go to https://www.car2go.com/en/stuttgart/car2go-apps/

The Data

Beside the API we are also providing some historic usage data from a single day in Stuttgart, giving you access to all rentals that took place within that single day and how the fleet of cars moved around the city. You can use that data to do some data analytics, come up with great visualizations or draw your own conclusions on the usage patterns of car2go. The data will be provided in an easy to use CSV format that you can easily import into a database for later processing.

During the event you have access to one of our developers if you have technical questions or general questions regarding how car2go works.

Now it is up to you to reinvent mobility in your city using car2go!