As you know we will provide and support a range of hardware products and cloud platforms at the Hackathon Stuttgart! We think it will help you to fokus on your idea at the Hackathon if you take some time upfront to read about the things we provide, maybe you can even get your accounts or SDKs downloaded before Friday:


See our blog article: You can see a list of the available stuff here:

TinkerForge Equipment

We suggest that you have a look on the TinkerForge website to see more details. It’s quite likely that you will be able to use that stuff here during the hackathon as well:


See our blog article:

The main page for getting started on Heroku is In order to login to Heroku you need to have a Heroku account. Here you can sign up for a free account if you do not already have one.


See a logicline blog article:

Start by visiting, and have a look at the devcenter there: A short intro on how to use the TinkerForge components with Cumulocity is available under


As part of the Hackathon car2go will give you access to their API that they use internally in their app and that is used by many 3rd party apps worldwide. For simplicity reason you are not able to access the full API for like even opening the cars realtime, but the basic API gives you already access to all the car positions, their status and you can already reserve cars for later use.

On the car2go website you can find a lot of useful information on the API and how to use it today. Just go to

To use the car2go API you will have to sign a special agreement (NDA and terms) with car2go provided at the Hackathon.

Leitz Icon Printer

You also can use an expert label printer and barcode printer with a range of advanced cartridges to choose from. Leitz will provide several Leitz Icon printers for the teams at the Hackathon event. If you would like to prepare and learn more about the features of the printer see more at:–Concepts/Icon-Label-Printer/. The user manual is available here.