We are really happy to announce the 6th Hackathon Stuttgart in a row

In  2012 the first Hackathon Stuttgart was born with round about 30 Hackers. And they were really curious about what would come up during this event.

Five years later we are proudfully looking back on our handiwork. With a lot of gained experiences, with an every year grown hacker community and with more and more interesting sponsors

We love to be able to provide our hackers a unique platform to connect to other hackers, to exchange know-how and to create crazy ideas. Furthermore to get to know interesting sponsors and of course to develop their projects starting from an idea to a prototype within 48 hours. The projects are as fascinating as also funny and really clever.

Starting at friday afternoon the teams find an idea, create their teams and start developing in the early evening. Most of the teams are using the posibility to hack 24/7. Only 2 hours of power naps one and then. This is also why a huge amount of Club Mate, coffee and Red Bull is needed during the event.

But besides of hacking and developing the hackers do also have the chance to have a chat with our sponsors. Especially with those who bring in their own products or platforms. We were really proud about our last years sponsors like BOSCH, car2go, Kärcher or logicline.

Regarding to the impressive growth of our Hackathon Stuttgart we visualized it in a chart:

There are still left some months to this years Hackathon Stuttgart but our regs are already open.Our motto is the same like the last years: first come first serve!

So: don’t hesitate to join our Hackathon Stuttgart 2017! We’re looking forward in seeing you there.

Your team Hackathon Stuttgart.