The journey of the Hackathon Stuttgart

Since 2012 the Hackathon Stuttgart is located in the beautiful „Schwabenländle“ – Baden-Württemberg. The first Hackathon Stuttgart was run in 2012 with the topic „Gamedev“. The following year the challenge was to develop Mobile Apps, Websites, Games and Services. The focus of the Hackathon Stuttgart in 2014 was „Code for Culture“.

Changes make the difference

In 2015 we, logicline, decided to change the game. Regarding the enormous changes in the industry in the context of  digitalization and the connection of products by the internet of things. We discussed a lot with customers in our everyday business who talked about digitalization but all in all didn’t know how to run it.

So the idea was to create an innovative entrance to the digitalization and industry 4.0 –  for both (potential) sponsors and hackers. And voilá the Hackathon Stuttgart with the topic „Cloud, Mobile and IoT“ was born. With many great ideas and innovative approaches the Hackathon Stuttgart was growing every year. So that in 2017 more than 150 hackers attended. Sponsors like BOSCH, car2go, Lenze, logicline, Kärcher, nttdata, Trumpf and many more supported us. They also provided their platforms, products and challenges during this event.

Let’s go to Bremen

Our associated company from Bremen, encoway GmbH, decided to import the Hackathon Stuttgart concept to Bremen after supporting the Hackathon Stuttgart organization team in 2017 and seeing the enormous potential of the format. encoway and logicline are part of the Lenze group. Together we finetuned the concept of the Hackathon and adapted it for the hacker community in Bremen.

After a lot of work, sharing many information and a big package of passion,  finally last weekend (16.-18.2.18) day X has come.

The Hackathon Bremen 2018 was located at Kraftwerk – city accelerator Bremen and  supported by companies like Lenze, Airbus, WFB, Schulz, and more. 14 teams have been working enthusiastically on their projects.

The deadline was set on sunday 1 pm and at 2 pm all teams had to pitch their prototypes in front of a the jury.

As you can see on the picture (from left to right: Klaas Nebuhr – encoway, Matthias Ulrich – logicline, Frank Maier – Lenze) had a lot of fun! Two additional jurors have been in the jury from Airbus and WFB (Wirtschaftsförderung Region Bremen).

The winners

At Hackathon Bremen 2018 the hackers could win cool prizes, like:

  1. prize – Best idea: : 1.500 € (rewarded by encoway) – “ Team neusta“
  2. prize – Best implementation: 1.000 € (rewarded by Lenze SE) – “ Team Justin Time“
  3. prize – Best pitch : 500 € (rewarded by Schulz) – “ Team Smart Maintenance Guide“

sponsor prizes:

logicline: Tour de Group (logicline/encoway (Bremen), Lenze (Hameln), Hackathon Stuttgart (26.-28.10.18)) – „Team Hello World“

BIBA 1: 500 € – “ Team Smart Alert“

BIBA 2: 500 € – “ Team Sign Language Interpreter“

Airbus: 500 € – “ Team Trittbrettfahrer“

Lenze SE: 500 € – “ Team 404  – not found“

Get some impressions here: