This year new at Hackathon Stuttgart: a collaboration with Stuttgart Financial where we would like to bring together the finance world with the industry. Read some facts about one of our Fintech-sponsors Getsafe:

About Getsafe

Getsafe stands for insurance to go. – Europe’s first digital insurance platform for flexible and customizable coverage on your phone, as trusted by over 25,000 customers. Get your individual insurance in less than 5 minutes and file your claims instantly. In cooperation with Munich Re, Getsafe offers secure, high quality insurance products.

What to expect

Being a startup, we believe data from IoT and APIs will improve insurance. We’re curious about creative integrations that might even end up in our product very quickly.

Hackathon participants will get access to a testing environment that allows them to create new insurance contracts. These contracts could adapt in price depending on a to be built and integrated evaluation of risk-related IoT-, smartphone- or API-data (e.g. think of a smart bike sending location and driving patterns to your bike insurance which then tries to prevent risks or
reward you for “good” behaviour).