Hackathon Stuttgart organized by logicline – seven years in a row

The event Hackathon Stuttgart would not be possible without logicline and the amazing Hackathon Stuttgart orga-team that organizes it every year. Though the event itself latsts „only“ 48 hours it needs more or less a year of preparation! Due to some routine with seven hackathons in a row now most of the activities are done easily. But there are new challenges this year, as we have on board new visionary sponsors and also a new topic „FinTech“ – within our cooperation together with Stuttgart Financial. Onboarding new partners also needs preparation of the available APIs with sort of „quick starter guides“ and pre-integration with some of the available platforms and gadgets. All of this is for you as a participant to have an easy start and the chance to focus on your team’s idea and its implementation during the event!

Hackathon Stuttgart 2018

In 2018 there will be more than 200 hackers and two school teams attending the Hackathon Stuttgart at the Phoenixhalle. With all our sponsors we will have really cool, modern and capable APIs, cloud platforms and products for you to work with. We all look forward to the ideas, their implementation and especially the combination of all provided platforms!

The driving force behind the Hackathon Stuttgart

Most of the hackers, that attented former Hackathon Stuttgarts, probably alreadyknow the Hackathon Stuttgart team.  They always trie to help every attendee with questions and problems that might occur along the way. This year again the team worked hard and tireless – and still does. They all have one mission: to turn the event to the ultimate Hackathon Stuttgart – 48 hours of pure coding.

logicline GmbH in Sindelfingen

As an IT consultancy and system integrator, logicline develops tailor-made digital products. We develop apps, customer portals and service platforms, IoT products. We advise companies on software architecture, cloud platforms and mobile apps. logicline’s core competence is the design, development, orchestration and operation of digital platforms.

With this portfolio, logicline addresses the increasing need of companies for skills in digital transformation. It sees itself as a trailblazer in the design and implementation of digital platforms and products. The basis for this is an agile approach to software development. Furthermore combined with elements of Design Thinking and Lean Startup. logicline has strong technology partners, especially Salesforce®, Heroku®, Cumulocity® and ADAMOS®.

As part of the Lenze Group, an internationally successful supplier of electric drive solutions and automation systems, logicline has a strong footprint in manufacturing. Nevertheless logicline works across industries. logicline is headquartered in Sindelfingen and has offices in Stuttgart, Bremen and Kochi (Kerala, India).

Please visit our website to see how we can drive your digital business: www.logicline.de!

We are really looking forward to this year’s Hackathon Stuttgart and are curious about the innovative ideas and discussions.

See you there Hackers!