1.) TeamViewer meets AR

TeamViewer expands boundaries of the day-to-day interaction and remote support. Our engineers are building products that create a whole new experience for our users. We believe that AR is a key concept in the future development of remote support solutions.
We want to encourage your passion about augmented reality. We are very curious to see how you will use AR technology to enhance your apps. We will provide a dedicated space where you can try out your app in “real” world conditions. Furthermore, there will be QR-codes on some walls in the hackathon area which you can use for tracking and navigation purposes or augment any additional information to your liking.

Our engineers will hold a coaching session on Friday at 21:00 PM. Feel free to join us to dive together into the AR world!

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2.) TeamViewer IoT

TeamViewer IoT provides solutions for two of your main challenges when developing your IoT Hack. The first one is the secure connection. The second one is the data analysis. After you retrieved your sensor data, you typically want to transmit the data to an analysis point. The TeamViewer IoT
Agent provides an MQTT API, where you can deliver your data. If you don’t want to deep dive into this API, we provide C – and Python – SDK’s for an easy start with it. The TeamViewer IoT agent transmits your data to our Cloud Service which already provides visualization and rule-based analytics.
Additionally, we provide an HTTP interface to connect to any visualization over an HTTP API. Sometimes you will come to the point, that something goes wrong on your IoT device, but the possibility is missing to troubleshoot that problem directly on the device. TeamViewer IoT brings you directly “into” the device, like you may already know from our standard TeamViewer product. When you connect to the device via TeamViewer IoT you will have two services available to control and troubleshoot the device:

  • The first one focuses on a web-based device management. A lot of IoT devices offer a web page running on the same device. We tunnel this web page and display it on the TeamViewer Client. There is no magic behind, just let a web server run on the IoT Device and tell the IoT Agent where to find it. The Webserver can react on the user input and execute the necessary changes to get your IoT device back on track, like adjusting a valve on a pump. This enables you to provide a user interface for your IoT Device which is securely accessible from anywhere of the
  • The second possibility for troubleshooting is a secure terminal access to your device. It is simple as it sounds. No need to open your SSH port for everybody on the world. We provide you with a direct Terminal Access inside the TeamViewer Client like you would access it over SSH.