We are internetstores –  a unique combination of passionate bike and outdoor fans building and running the largest bike and outdoor online platform in continental Europe.

With 5 successful private label bike brands we drive innovation and customer value and we are always searching for new ways to innovate and give back to our community.

The ‚electrification‘ of Europe’s main bicycle markets continues to grow strong, and as one of the players in the field, we recognized our responsibility to take part in making the future of transportation clean and green. What’s a better way of making it a reality than to involve some of the brightest minds in our community to help us with our vision?

What are we bringing to the table? 

At your disposal – for testing and hacking purposes, you will be able to take and work on one of the three Serious Tellarsude eBikes we’re bringing to the hackathon. For more information about the bikes that will be provided to the hackers, take a look at the following link: https://www.serious-cycles.com/produkt/serious-telluride-ds-275-mat-black/

Are you into electronics? Do you like to build things from scratch or are you more used to prototyping platforms like Arduino? Maybe you like to hack on Raspberry Pi and connected IoT sensors? We got you covered. We will provide you with all the tools needed to do a project you’ve envisioned from start to end. Raspberry Pi’s, Arduinos, various electronic components, handy tools and sensors that we believe will cover different scenarios you come up with.

Our ideas

We don’t want to limit you in your creativity, and we are excited to see different eBike + IoT projects you can come up with, but here are some ideas that we thought could ignite your imagination:

1) Real time city/area map of humidity, temperature, noise and air pollution by aggregating data gathered by eBike cyclists using your device (you can easily connect it with cloud and mobile hackathon topics making it more interesting)

2) Performance tracking / „my eBike“ profile that you can easily compare with other cyclists riding same model as yours (see the „shape“ your eBike is in related to various data points you can collect)

3) Reduce the carbon footprint by working on new ways of eBike sharing – location tracking, anti-theft solutions (you can even integrate it with fintech topic to create the full solution if that’s something you’re interested in)

Use enlightened approach to design the city of the future, imagine smart cities, combine our experience from the past and apply the advanced technologies of the present. Shape your future the way you want it to be with the incentives to save energy, reduce consumption and protect the environment while also increasing levels of citizen wellbeing.