For more than 25 years we have been convincing as an innovative company with intelligent payment solutions. In a comprehensive product portfolio companies, municipalities and administrations from all industries and sizes will find web- or software based tools for the secure processing of electronic payment transactions.

With our newest tool konfipay we offer a REST-compliant webservice which can be embedded of various clients for the automation of business processes.

In no time large volumes of data will be transmitted between ERP systems and the data centers of the banks.

Via API, we submit all SEPA payment orders and retrieve all account statements (including PayPal accounts) directly and in the most simple way – we don’t need to save or disclose any login informations!

We know, there are so many possibilities and ideas to develop this API. Let’s try to stand out of all competitions – let’s increase much more flexibility resulting in clear competitive advantages.

…More than simply standard

With a strong and global network, windata is able to respond fast and flexibly to changing market conditions and customer requests. Our customers will find exactly those tools they really need.

On the Hackathon we will provide our REST API for live operations!  Here you can download the doku as a PDF: windata_Dok_3.8_pre_konfiPay_api

Konfipay is the new online payment service by German software producer windata which allows its users to maintain safe payment transactions nationally as well as internationally with all German and numerous European credit institutions.

Based on the “REST” programming paradigm, the API konfipay uses is an application to process all kinds of payments within regular bank accounts and PayPal accounts as well.

The API uses HTTP as transfer protocol and is able to make use of either XML or Json for data transfers with XML being the specific data format for SEPA transactions. Konfipays API may not only be used for bank accounts but also for PayPal, to be more precise, to induce refunds and supervise the accounts balances and transaction protocols. It allows for the encoded transfer of payments via SEPA, DTAZV & ISO20022 and their supervision via camt & MT940.

In general, konfipay enables to entirely integrate cashflows in the accounting and to execute payment actions for respective accounts.

To make use of the API one has to pass the authentication meaning the only part of the webservice which is being represented by an interface with public access. To do so, the users have to insert the so called universally unique identifier (UUID), a number of 32 digits which identifies the respective client or company, their e-mail address and password. After this information being transferred via POST-request, there are two possible ways for the users to finally authenticate themselves, namely a cookie- and a token based mechanism. Either way, the then received cookie or token has to be inserted within 30 minutes to get access to konfipays services, meaning the users then are able to induce SEPA payments or to have a look at former payments and their current status.

Via the API it is further possible to add new accounts or to respectively erase already existing ones.

An imaginable scenario concerning konfipays API is a compound with an API which determines goods prices due to supply and demand, allowing for autonomous purchases within auctions.