Welcome finAPI (Schufa) – Hackathon Stuttgart Patron Sponsor 2019!

Read about their technical input: FinAPI (Schufa)

Description finAPI:

finAPI is the leading banking aggregator on the German and Austrian market. We offer a uniform REST-API which enables easy and fast access to all German and Austrian banking institutions. We are your contact when it comes to the technically mature, BaFin-licensed and thousandfold tested connection of financial data in external software solutions. Since 2019 we are part of the SCHUFA Holding from Wiesbaden, with this partnership we will further expand our Data-Enhancement and drive the innovation forward. We have 25 employees in Munich! Our customers include the largest German and Austrian banks, the most successful financial apps and well-known software houses.


Every participant at the Hackathon can easily access the technical documentation at: https://docs.finapi.io/#!/General_Information/introduction.