Stuttgart Financial – Hackathon Stuttgart Visionary Sponsor 2019

Stuttgart Financial – We are the initiative for the financial center of Stuttgart. It is our aim to drive innovation in the financial sector and to strengthen it in a variety of ways.

“The innovative strength of Stuttgart is based on the close relationship between industrial and financial players. Hackathon Stuttgart thus is a driving force for innovation in the economic center Stuttgart.”

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Stuttgart Financial – Visionary Sponsor – 2nd time in a row

Thank you for supporting us again as Visionary Sponsor at the 2019 Hackathon Stuttgart. We’re looking forward to the repeating cooperation and to the new input you and your partners are bringing for our hackers. On board are FinAPI (Schufa), Deutsche Bank and IDnow! Here you can read some facts about the company:

Stuttgart Financial

The Vereinigung Baden-Württembergische Wertpapierbörse e.V. (Association of Baden-Württemberg Stock Exchanges), together with the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics and the University of Hohenheim, set up Stuttgart Financial in 2007. Our aim is to strengthen Stuttgart as a financial center and to increase its visibility as an important location for financial services in Germany. With the four pillars network, projects, innovation and education we drive the financial center Stuttgart forward.

1. Why are we back at the Hackathon Stuttgart?

The innovative strength of Stuttgart is based on the close relationship between industrial and financial players, e.g. through a joint blockchain initiative. This close relationship is demonstrated by the fact that Hackathon Stuttgart is supported by financial industry partners as well as industrial partners in recent years.

To strenghthen Stuttgart as a financial and economic center we want to push forward this relationship. We believe that the success of digitalization comes from an integration of processes across the value chain. We are proud to reference to several success stories like company start-ups in the finance sector emerging from our paticipation in the Hackathon Stuttgart.

2. What are our expectations?

The core of Fintech is to marry together technology and finance, by challenging traditional business models across banking, insurance and trading. Furthermore, it enables the Hackathon Stuttgart teams to think outside the box, and unlock the disruptive power of new technologies such as blockchain. During the Hackathon Stuttgart the Hackers can develop innovative financial applications and apply them to cross-industry use cases.

More facts about Stuttgart Financial:

Stuttgart Financial also provides the event FintechDays, where one or more winner teams from Hackathon Stuttgart get the chance to pitch their project in front of a jury from finance sector! Here you can read about it: Fintech-Days