Hackathon Stuttgart 2019

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Next Level Mystery Machine

Idea description: Creating a vending platform for local sharing economy

Used platforms, gadgets: finAPI, BOSCH Powertools Grinder (Bluetooth CTL), Deutsche Bank API, Blockchain (Ethereum), Python, Raspberry PI, OpenCV, Symfony, SIEM ML, Gitlab, CI/CD

AI powered self-assessment of body posture

Idea description:

We use deep learning methods for detecting poor body postures in pictures and live video streams. The direct feedback by IoT-devices and the feedback history in our application enable the users to self-assess and improve their body posture.

Used platforms, gadgets: Heroku, Raspberry Pi, LEDs

Trick people into ethical behavior

Idea description:

How much does your behavior impact the planet? See for yourself and tend to your own little pet planet earth. We collect a mixture of data from IOT devices and external APIs, as well as manual input.

The data is then interpreted to form simplified scores which will trigger events on your little planet. Optimize that score to have plastic free oceans, clean air, a thriving animal population and lush forests.

For additional motivation, we utilize peer pressure and public shaming. Challenge your friends to reach a certain score or justify why “piggeldi” had to die for craving for hamburgers

Used platforms, gadgets:

Android, Heroku, Crosser, Tinkerforge, Bosch Thermostat Easy Control, Stuttgart Airport API, Phillips Hue, Porsche API, financial API

We make the airport experience more valuable and less stressful for the passenger

Idea description:

We develop an application that supports travelers on their journey from home until their departure from Stuttgart Airport. The app provides the users with constant accurate information about travel time, waiting times and estimates time of arrival at the gate. Furthermore the app reacts dynamically to the wishes of the users and tries to link them to shops and services in their proximity.

Used platforms, gadgets: Stuttgart Airport Data Hub