Hackathon Stuttgart 2014

Hack for culture

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Experience the journey of main characters from different books on a digital map very close.
In there example they could map the footprints of Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings)

Parents and Kids can search via GPS for Households where they can pick up sweats!


Connection of culture and gaming.
In this app you can visit the 16 german states. In each state you have to answer specific questions about the state.

An information graphic about events like the 2nd world war, dictators, serial killers and the iraq war.

A fighting game in which two players fight against another with cultural persons.
During the fight the players have to answer question about the cultures.

Discover culture – comprimized information about museums or sights next to you.

With this app you can search for names and find out information.

Jury ’14

Unsere Jury von 2014:
von links nach rechts Nico Kreinberger, Stephanie Lang, Andreas Vollmer, Wolfgang Krauth!