About the Hackathon

The HACKATHON STUTTGART is a unique Hackathon exclusively located in Stuttgart (Schwabenländle) and organized by logicline. In 2012 was the first edition of this event in the Stuttgart Region. Since then IT developers, programmers, engineers, graphic and web designers and more software fans are participating with one goal: to develop usable software within 48 hours using provided platforms and targeting a special user group. The focus is on the buzzwords Cloud, Mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT), and new in 2019: FinTECH and Blockchain!

What is a Hackathon?

The term „Hackathon“ was used for the first time in Canada and USA in the late 90ies. It is composed of the components „Hacking“ and „Marathon“. Thereby the usage of the term „Hacking“ is meant playful and does not refer to criminal cyber activities. In the center of interest there rather is the innovative handling of challenges which are solved by creative programs.

Hackathons bring together people from across the business to force different ways of working a problem. During a Hackathon IT-developers, programmers, graph & web designers and other software fans are working together intensively and under time-pressure hands-on projects. The goal is to develop a usable software for a certain target group.

Nowadays hackathons can play a valuable role in accelerating the digital transformation of large organizations. Speed and agility are today central to driving business value, making hackathons a valuable tool for accelerating organizational change. The practical, hands-on nature of hackathons allows large, established organizations to feel what the future can be like in a way that is both exciting and reassuring.

What’s the topic?

Make use of cloud computing platforms, web services and open data. One example is the Salesforce Platform with Heroku. It allows you to develop scalable and integrated apps much faster. We’ll provide guidance and a quick-start.

Develop mobile apps for the platform you like. Do it native or make use of one of the mobile app frameworks. We’ll provide templates for Heroku and AngularJS or for Salesforce1. But you’re free in what you use.

Connect all the things around! We’ll give you the platforms to easily connect to different gadgets, cars, devices, etc. Just use an API and focus on your idea!

Technology meets Finance! Think outside the box and unlock the disruptive power of new technologies such as Blockchain to develop innovative financial applications for cross-industry use cases.

Technologies to work with


The HACKATHON STUTTGART 2019 will start on friday 25th october at 5pm and will stop on sunday 27th october after 48 hours at 5pm with a networking conclusion for all hackers, sponsors and visitors who want to connect. The detailled agenda will be updated and postet as soon as possible! Stay tuned 😉





for the best solution idea overall



for the best team presentation 



for the best app and prototype


the audience votes for the best project


best usage of the sponsors devices / services

Will there be 24/7 hacking?

Yes, there will be the possibility of 24/7 hacking.
We organized it especially for YOU! You can stay in the location during the night and if you need a nap we will also offer enough bean bags for you.

You need a place to stay?

For all Hackers who prefer a real bed and need a place to stay during friday and saturday night we searched for nearby Ho(s)tels and found the following for you:

We wish an enjoyable stay!

Equipment to take with?

Bring your own notebook or Macbook and what you need to develop. Don’t forget the stuff you need for your own wellbeing and a lot of fun and enthusiasm!

Organization Team

The world is moving – so is technology. In relation to business and digitalization a huge change is rolling and we are part of it! As a community we want to implement digital business have fun and learn new technologies and use cases.
Our HACKATHON STUTTGART Team is part of logicline – an IT services company located in Sindelfingen. The initial idea and realization was born in 2012 from logicline’s subsidiary company softSCIENCE. Since then the HACKATHON STUTTGART took place every year with different topics.