What do our former sponsors say?


Edgar Schueber – logicline GmbH (Orga+Sponsor)
We’re really taken with the high number of good attendees and do notice that nearly all teams could implement and present their ideas shortly.


Nico Kreinberger – Robert Bosch GmbH (Sponsor + Jury 2015)
It’s repeatedly fascinating to see with how much enthusiasm the attendees implement their concepts into complete applications. We are happy that the Robert Bosch GmbH could support this format.

Nico Kreinberger – Robert Bosch GmbH (Sponsor + Jury 2016)
„It’s great to see how this format has evolved over the past years. Especially in times of Digital Transformation and Agile Teams the Hackathon Stuttgart shows clearly how quickly interdisciplinary teams can transfer an idea into a minimum viable product. Bosch’s Corporate Sector Information Systems and Services was delighted to join as Visionary Sponsor for a second time.”


Helmuth Ritzer – car2go (Sponsor +Jury 2015)
The creativity, the team spirit and the ability to execute that’s been shown here during those two days is always inspiring and clearly shows how products are going to be developed in the future. car2go is more than happy to support this, because this approach is also part of our success formula.“

Helmuth Ritzer – car2go (Sponsor +Jury 2016)
car2go was proud to co-sponsor the Hackathon Stuttgart 2016 with so many other outstanding firms. The excellent organization, geeky atmosphere and innovative spirt of the event made it what a hackathon should be, a chance for brilliant and innovative minds come together to collaborate. We look forward to the next events..“

jury hackstgt17

Sumit Kumar – car2go [Sponsor +Jury 2017)

„Every year we’re excited about the discussions, solutions and prototypes of the teams at Hackathon Stuttgart regarding the challenges of free-floating car sharing. At car2go, we use this input to validate future changes, features and ideas to improve our product for all members.“


Carmen Wittmer – Leitz (Sponsor + Jury 2015)
„It was the very first time we attended a Hackathon, and it was amazing.
The teams were so creative, professional, and knowledgeable! We were very
impressed by how they used our compact, portable Leitz Icon Label Printer
for their projects. We will certainly be back!”

Carmen Wittmer – Leitz (Sponsor + Jury 2016)
“The Stuttgart Hackathon is a great opportunity for us, as a business, to
gain insights into the future of work. The event provides us with a great
deal of inspiration that we take back to our teams. We supported the
Hackathon – but it has supported us in our aims as well.”


Dr. Daniel Heubach – Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG (Sponsor + Jury 2016)
„We sponsored the Hackathon in 2016 the first time. Our expectations were exceeded. It was very exciting for us to see the enthusiasm and dynamic with which the teams developed their ideas and integrated them in our products. Exactly that spirit of discovery and invention makes the event to something special. Kärcher will also participate in 2017 and we are looking forward to meet you there.“