Wouldn’t it be helpful for an IoT hackathon to have some of these „things“ available right here? You would love it, too? Well, thanks to the support of TinkerForge we will be able to provide a broad range of hardware products at the Hackathon Stuttgart!

There are a lot of ways to use these components, either you directly plug them into your computer using USB – in that case your computer plays the role of the device in your IoT scenario. Or you can also use a Rapid Embedded Development (RED) Brick to run your device – in that case your device can run on its own without an attached computer (something like a Raspberry). Pick your poison, it’s your choice.

We will have a wide variety of different sensors and actors available at the Hackathon:

  • Different motors and servos
  • An assortment of sensors (distance, color detection, light, accelerometer, humidity, moisture, barometer, NFC)
  • Other components such as linear and rotary poti, buttons, relays, piezo speaker, …

We suggest that you have a look on the TinkerForge website at www.tinkerforge.com to see what’s available. It’s quite likely that you will be able to use that stuff here during the hackathon as well.

Let yourself be inspired!

A very good jump start to make sure you hit the ground running at the hackathon is the TinkerForge Documentation. From there you can find a First Steps Tutorial, and a FAQ.

You can find all the information and software needed there that enables you to build a great IoT solution with TinkerForge parts. We think this is a „must read“ for a successful participation, so prepare yourself!