Thank You Hackers!

A few weeks now the Hackathon Stuttgart 2018 is over. But we are still overwhelmed with the impressions of those 48 hours, our attending hackers and all of the ideas which came up!

Lots of enthusiasm, creativity and willingness to develop could be felt all the time. THANKS A LOT TO OUR ATTENDEES for making the Hackathon Stuttgart 2018 such a great event and for making it what it is: Hacking, networking, learning & having fun!

The winners of this year’s Hackathon Stuttgart

We hope that you’ve learned a lot and got to know cool people, as much as new platforms to use and other stuff. Of course we had some cool awards for the winners in the following categories: Best Idea, Best Pitch, Best Implementation, Crowd’s Prize and the Sponsor’s Challenges. Here are our winner teams:

Best Idea: Scitlab –
Framework for instant apps (e.g. triggered by beacon an instant app opens itself when passing the machines for showing machine data or service cases)

Award: 1.000 €

Best Pitch: Robosweep –
Combination of bleeding edge technologies  to clean the floor in a battle against friends by controlling a vacuuming robot from the phone.

Award: 1.000 €

Best Implementation: Awesome Käse –
Conversion of a Kärcher cleaning car into an autonomous driving and reacting car

Award: 1.000 €

Crowd’s Prize: Cloudrider –
Conversion of analog machine displays into digital dashboards

Award: 1.000 €

Sponsor Challenges

There were prices from the Sponsors, as well. The winners this year are:

ADAMOS Challenge: Insert Name here –
Team service process automation: optimization of the maintenance process through automated spare part recommendation and report generation
Award: Invitation to ADAMOS Hackathon 4.3 and a fatboys for each one

Bosch Challenge: Scooby –
self managed car with fleetservice interface, budget management and insuring itself
Award: Bosch Connected Experience 2019 Tickets + travel fee

Festo Challenge: R.I.C –
An interactive game combined with Festo Cobot, Alexa and Philips Hue to keep the elderly active and boost their mobility

Award: voucher for JavaScript-Days in march 2019, voucher for Festo Education Kit and a tour in Festo’s technology factory in Schranhausen

Kärcher Challenge: Awesome Käse –
Conversion of a Kärcher cleaning car into an autonomous driving and reacting car
Award: Hochdruckreiniger K2 (ca. 110 €)

Lenze/logicline Challenge: #MakeCodingGreatAgain –
smart bottle  to track personal consumption of liquids which can be combined with COBI.Bike and getsafe insurance

Award: Cooking event together with Lenze and Adamos in Genussmanufaktur

Finance Challenge: bikewatch –
bike parking  which cares for automatically payment; bike will be automatically insured against theft using Heroku and getsafe

Award: GoPros and nomination at FintechDays 2018

See you next year!

Congratulation from Team Hackathon Stuttgart 2018 and our sponsors ADAMOS, BOSCH, Festo, Kärcher, car2go, logicline, Lenze, encoway, Stuttgart Financial, Börse Stuttgart, getsafe, windata, Wüstenrot, Teamviewer, internetstores, car2go, DB mindbox/S-Bahn Stuttgart and WRS.

Thanks for attending this years Hackathon Stuttgart 2018 and we hope to see you again next year! Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.