Altemista Cloud, the homebase for your solution

With Altemista Cloud NTT DATA provides you with a powerful RedHat OpenShift based platform. With it you can develop and run your custom services. In that way, Altemista Cloud is the glue between the great APIs of other sponsors. It has truly the potential to form the robust, scalable and easy to use backbone for your solution.

The people from NTT DATA know what it takes to participate in a Hackathon. Therefore they supplemented the platform with a pre-built solution component. You can provision it with a single command line. The building blocks can be mixed and matched to a comprehensive and polyglot backend architecture.

Here you see the pre-built solution component:

  • SpringBoot
  • js
  • Python
  • Golang
  • Postgres
  • Mongo
  • Redis

But there is more. To make you even faster, we have prepackaged the building blocks in four powerful starter-kits. So that you can start with a complete and functional shell for REST services:

  • Java / Postgres
  • Python / Redis
  • Golang / Mongo

Launching the starter kit  once you have cloned it in your  own GitHub project is as easy as this:


These blocks and starter kits allow you to focus on your great solution and not get side tracked by technical complexities. Moreover, the NTT DATA team provides on-site support for teams working with Altemista Cloud. So no time is lost while studying documentation.

But the solution does not stop there. Red Hat OpenShift is based on Kubernetes, the world’s leading container orchestration platform. You can run virtually any workload that can packaged in a Docker container.

Everything you need is a GitHub account through which you provide your source code to Altemista Cloud. The build and deployment process is fully automated. And with a single web hook from GitHub, you have established a highly efficient CI / CD toolchain. A new deployment is as easy as:

$git push origin master

The key components of the RedHat OpenShift build, deployment and runtime environment which is automatically configured by launching our starter kits are shown below:altemista cloud ntt data

The services launched in Altemista Cloud have access to and are accessible from the internet. They can be easily scaled horizontally. An easy to use web interface provides access to configuration and runtime information. It provides additional maintenance features like easy access to log information and direct command line access to containers running on the platform.

altemistacloud nttdata

Access credentials for Altemista Cloud will be provided at the Hackathon.