Did you ever want to control a robot?

With Lenze you can do it. Lenze, as a global specialist in Motion Centric Automation, we provide products, drive solutions, complete automation systems, engineering services and tools.

For this Hackathon, we bring along a real delta robot with a controller, servo inverters and geared motors. Such a robot is used in the Packaging Industry for picking and placing for example pralines or cookies. The robot controller is equipped with an OPC UA interface. This interface gives you the ability to let the robot do what you want.

As the new digital power of Lenze (since March 17 and together with encoway) logicline prepared a small Java based SDK abstracting away most of the tedious OPC-UA programming stuff so you will have a nice starting point for your ideas with the Lenze robot.

Move the 4 axis separately or transfer a complete path profile of 10 path points to it. With its gripper the robot is also able to handle goods. What would you let him do?

Besides controlling the robot, such a 4 axis system is a huge source of information. You can not only get the identification data out of it, it also produces hundreds of values within a millisecond. Position, speed, voltage, current and much more data are available and waiting to be analyzed.

So, make this robot your friend and realize your idea.