TRUMPF – a guarantor of innovation in production technology

Taking manufacturing technology to the next level is our mission – and that means making it cost-efficient, accurate, future-proof and connected. We are a market and technology leader in machine tools and lasers for industrial manufacturing. Our innovations play a role in virtually every sector of industry, from software that paves the way for smart factories to solutions for high-tech processes in industrial electronics.

A family-owned company

The family company is headquartered in Ditzingen near Stuttgart, Germany. The TRUMPF Group is represented by over 70 subsidiaries in all of the world’s leading markets. Production facilities are located in Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, the USA, Mexico, China and Japan. The company generated sales in the 2016/17 fiscal year of €3.1 billion.
Some 12,000 people work at TRUMPF worldwide, helping to promote its positive attitude and achievements as a family-run company. Its long-term approach characteristic of an independent, family-owned business, make it a guarantor of continuous innovative strength.

Our products:

Machine tools for flexible sheet metal and tube processing form the core business. The product portfolio includes machines for bending, punching, combined punch and laser processing, laser cutting, and laser welding applications.

Digital transformation at TRUMPF

TRUMPF is driving digital connectivity in manufacturing industry through consulting, platform and software offers. The latest TRUMPF technology for networked production connects machines, people and information to optimize business processes. TruConnect is the overarching system of Industry 4.0 solutions at TRUMPF. It gives customers the tools they need to build their customized Smart Factory step by step.
Our partner AXOOM provides the required infrastructure. It is an open, independent platform offering computing power, secure data transport, data storage and analysis, and billing systems. The platform also provides modules for production planning, production control and key figures for maximum transparency in manufacturing.

What to expect?

trumpf code hackstgt17
At the Hackathon Stuttgart you will get an insight into TRUMPF as a company as well as its innovative products. You will have the chance to work on one of our lasers and to connect our hardware with software.

We are excited to meet you – See you soon!