ADAMOS – Mechanical Engineering shapes industrial Internet of Things

ADAMOS will be sponsoring the Hackathon Stuttgart as a Visionary Sponsor and we would like to say thank you! We’re really looking forward to the collaboration! For our hackers we have a short introduction of the company:

Joined Forces in ADAMOS for Industrie 4.0

ADAMOS is the first digital alliance of and for mechanical engineering offering an open and leading-edge IIoT environment.

ADAMOS is established as a joint venture by leading companies from the mechanical manufacturing industry for the future topics of Industrie 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Target is to bundle technological know-how and the industry knowledge with information technology to create added value for machine users and set standards for the digital factory. ADAMOS is customized to meet the specific needs of machine and plant builders and their customers.

Pave the way for digital transformation together

Decisive for ADAMOS is the ADAMOS partner network, which forms the framework across all players in the value chain. The partner network guarantees the continuous exchange of knowledge and access to resources for the own and joint achievement of goals:

–          The ADAMOS partners are the users and users of the ADAMOS IIoT platform – machine, plant and component manufacturers.

–          ADAMOS Enabling Partners support the implementation of digital solutions.

–          An own developer community guarantees fast development results.

All ADAMOS partner clear the way for their customers into digitization and offer with minor efforts proven solutions for the digital connected production.

ADAMOS IIoT platform

ADAMOS provides an IIoT platform with which digital services for machine users can be implemented efficiently and quickly. It consists of independent but integrated modules. Each module offers several functions for the efficient creation of individual, digital applications, for example to increase the capacity utilization and availability of individual machines, improve end-to-end transparency and productivity across entire value chains or introduce new innovative service management functions.

Digital solutions for the digital factory

Solutions from ADAMOS or ADAMOS partners always come from challenges from machine operators or users. They are developed jointly (e.g. ADAMOS co-innovation “Digital Workpiece”) or individually (e.g. “EcoPRO Plant Analytics” from Dürr AG).

–          ADAMOS co-innovation “Digital Workpiece”: The focus of every production is on workpieces that have to be delivered in the required quality and on schedule. Thus, workpiece data such as the completed production steps, measurement results, number and component variants are important key figures. ADAMOS, and its partner have developed a tool that organizes this data from different machines and across different production steps and assigns it to the workpiece. It is available since August 2018 with all basic functionalities in version 1.0.

–          The “EcoPRO Plant Analytics” is a project of Dürr Systems AG. It involves the continuous acquisition, analysis, and evaluation of process data from automotive paint shops as well as the administration of master, event, alarm, and measurement data as a basis for predictive maintenance and sustainable plant and process optimization. The solution is developed based on ADAMOS On-premise technology. With “EcoPRO Plant Analytics” predictive maintenance has become a convincing reality”. Real-time adaptability would be the next level of “smart” use of new streaming analytics methods.

ADAMOS Developer Center

By activating an ADAMOS ID ( you have free test access to the ADAMOS Core and add-on modules with a developer tenant. You get access to the ADAMOS Developer Center where you will learn about the ADAMOS Platform, the available modules and the technical possibilities, you´ll have an overview of all tool-frameworks & -libraries as well as short tutorials and best practice guides to help you prepare your own implementations.

Be part of a creative open team that does things differently – we are looking forward welcoming you at ADAMOS. See you @ Stuttgart Hackathon 2018.