We are really happy to name this years jury from BOSCH, car2go and logicline, which also are our main sponsors.

And we are proud on our common project: the unique Hackathon Stuttgart 2015 – Cloud, Mobile and IoT!

In the following we will present the members of our jury who will decide which team will have the chance to win one of our prices! Let’s bring it on:



Nico Kreinberger 2

Nico Kreinberger has several years of experience in new and innovative technologies as Project Leader. Over the last years he was working on agile software development processes, open innovation approaches and new business models for creative industries.

Since the start of 2015 he’s part of the Corporate Sector Information Systems and Services of Robert Bosch GmbH where his main focus is personnel marketing for the corporate IT. During the last 3 years he was involved in several Hackathons and open innovation challenges also the 3rd Hackathon “hack for culture” in Stuttgart. He’s very happy to join us again as a member of our jury.



Helmuth Ritzer

Since the start of car2go in the year 2008 Helmuth Ritzer as CTO is responsible for the technichal product development. This covers the electronic data transmission, integration of the car as well as the software development.

Since the beginning of 2015 and also after the split of the products car2go and moovel he bowed out from operative topics and is responsible for forward-looking issues. The main focus for car2go is on the multifaceted possibilities which result from the use of autonomous functions.

Before his time at car2go since 1993 Helmuth Ritzer was  active  in different positions in research and central IT within Daimler AG.



Matthias Ulrich

Matthias Ulrich is acting for over 15 years as senior software architect, project manager and coach for various customers and industries. Additionally he’s supporting in the realization of technical complex IT-projects. At logicline he’s CTO and also responsible for HR and the growth and development of our competences in the fields of SOA, Cloud and Mobile Apps.

He already attended the past 3 Hackathons Stuttgart and at the last one Hackathon Stuttgart „Hack for Culture“ he was Mentor from logicline side. Every year it’s a good experience, he said, and he’s proud to be on board this year again – now in the jury.

I’m really curious about the ideas and results.