As you know and with the help of our sponsors we will provide and support a range of hardware products and cloud platforms at the Hackathon Stuttgart! We think it will help you to fokus on your idea at the Hackathon if you take some time upfront to read about the things we provide, maybe you can even get your accounts or SDKs downloaded before Friday!

Our main sponsors, BOSCH, car2go and Kärcher will provide their individual platforms: BOSCH will provide their IoT Cloud, car2go their connected car platform, Kärcher their Kärcher Fleet. logicline as sponsor and organizer will support with the Heroku platform as a service. See below for more information and links.

Besides these platforms we will also provide some gadgets – some basic IoT equipment like sensors, and also some things you asked for – like Kinect, a drone or a 3D printer. See below for more information on these gadgets.

Bosch IoT Cloud

teaser_unsharp_smallDuring the Stuttgart Hackathon you will have the exclusive opportunity to experience the Bosch IoT Cloud and build your own IoT solution. We offer the Bosch IoT Cloud based on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, different messaging and data base services as well as the Bosch IoT Suite services, provided by Bosch Software Innovations.


car2go Platform

car2go-bildDuring the Hackathon Stuttgart you have the unique opportunity to use the technology that enables the car2go system to build your own app or solution, based on their connected car platform.

Please have a look at their article with the technical instructions for the car2go platform.


Kärcher Fleet

kaercher_fleetDuring the Hackathon Stuttgart you also have the unique opportunity to use Kärcher Fleet, part of their „Connected Cleaning“ product portfolio, to build your own app or solution, based on their platform.

Please have a look at their article with the technical instructions for the Kärcher Fleet system. Access and documentation will be provided at the Hackathon. Kärcher provides you with several TCUs (telematic control units) and one machine and they will support you.


HerokuHeroku is a cloud platform that lets you build, deliver, monitor and scale apps — „the fastest way to go from idea to URL, bypassing all those infrastructure headaches“. Heroku focuses relentlessly on apps and the developer experience around apps. At last year’s hackathon more than half of the teams used Heroku in their apps and they were happy with it!

logicline partners with Heroku and is also reseller in the German speaking countries and uses this PaaS platform in many IoT and mobile apps. We from logicline will support you through the Hackathon. See our blog articles: Heroku infrastructure, and for some technical information also Docker on Heroku, Sticky Sessions, Share Nothing, …, or Procfiles, Dynos and Sluts.

The main page for getting started on Heroku is: Heroku start. In order to login to Heroku you need to have a Heroku account. Here you can sign up for a free account if you do not already have one.



See our 2015 blog article, it’s still current: Tinkerforge blog article. You can see a list of the available stuff in this picture.

We suggest that you have a look on the TinkerForge website to see more details. It’s quite likely that you will be able to use that stuff here during the hackathon as well: Tinkerforge homepage

Hint: This year we have only 2-3 GPS modules for TinkerForge available.


Leitz Icon Printer

Gadgets _ LeitzLike last Hackathon we provide you again an expert label printer and barcode printer with a range of advanced cartridges to choose from. For more information check our blog article about this gadget:
Leitz Icon Printer blog article



You asked for it, here it is:

Kinect Sensor

img_kinectAdvanced hackers demand for advanced gadgets. If your IoT solution involves body tracking, depth sensing, sound source location, infra red capabilities? Consider the Kinect Sensor to do the job.

We provide one XBox One Kinect Sensor model 1520 as well as an adaptor to connect it to your Windows PC. Find the sensor features here. Some more technical specs, Documentation and tutorials can be found here: documentation and tutorials.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0

img_droneIoT up in the air! We provide two of these fine Wifi controlled aircrafts. You can use these drones as prototype airborn robots of flying sensors. Find all the manufacturer information here: Parrot AR Drone 2.0 info.

Why use a drone in the hackathon? Because you can program it. There are even APIs on GitHub: node ar drone – ar drone rest

Also have a look at the Parrots SDK: We have two drones available and are looking foreward what cool ideas you will come up with!

Philips Hue

img_hueWith those Wifi controlled lights you can make your Hackathon project shine. There are APIs available to dimm, switch it on or off or change the color of the light. If you are interested you should have a look at:

developer information – how hue works

We have two bridges with color LEDs and one LED stripe available.

3D Printer

gadgets _ 3D PrinterCoincidentally there were some 3D printers available at the Hackathon location last year – and the hackers immediately made use of it. This year we will provide two 3D printers, the Dremel 3D printer Idea Builder, with some filament.